GripGrab Women's ProGel Gloves size XS
GripGrab Women's ProGel Gloves size XS

GripGrab Women's ProGel Gloves size XS

In terms of performance you'll find the gloves offer excellent breathability, feature a sweat wiper, pull-off system and grippy serino palm to give you excellent grip and control at all times.

An ingenious feature of these gloves are the small magnets located in the tabs. When you have finished with them, store them together thanks to these magnets so they don't get separated in your drawer, locker or cupboard. Such a clever idea - no more lost glove hunting before a ride!

DoctorGel Protection

The DoctorGel™ system has been developed in collaboration with both active athletes and doctors. GripGrab gloves with DoctorGel™ are designed to reduce the feeling of pins and needles in the fingers secondary to compression of the nerves innervating the hand.

The symptoms can present as light tingling in the fingers but can progress to more severe numbness and paresthesias. The condition is described in the literature as “Cyclist’s palsy” and the problem arises when a nerve to the hand is compressed between the handlebars and the underlying bone.

Both mountain bike and road bike riders, regardless of level of experience, may suffer temporarily from nerve compression. A prospective clinical study has shown that 70% of long-distance riders experience symptoms related to nerve compression. Doctor Gel has been developed specifically to help combat this nerve compression when riding.