VeloToze Tall Overshoes

VeloToze Tall Overshoes


Total Rain Protection

The Velotoze shoe covers are a product with a singularly focused aim; fully protecting your feet from the wind and rain when you ride in the wet. Through the unique totally sealed design, latex rubber construction and close aero fit water is effectively sealed out. For any sort of wet day riding the VeloToze Tall shoe covers are the perfect product for the job. Even if you only choose to use them on "big day" rides they should become an essential item in your kit bag as nothing performs better in wet conditions. And they look great too!

But their performance in dingy conditions is only the start of the story with these Tall Shoe Covers. The flexible and lightweight material that goes into their construction means that they won’t slow you down and they also retain even less water as a result. The zip- and strap-free design flexes easily over your shoe to do away with vulnerable entry points, and their form-fitting nature allows improved aerodynamics too. Perhaps best of all, these shoe covers are highly compact, so for those unpredictable days you can pop them in a big just in case.

All of that and they look great when you wear them. What more could you ask for?


PLEASE WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE AND THEN FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS BELOW: Due to the fully flexible design without zippers or velcro there is a recommended method for getting the VeloToze on. Once you've mastered it you'll find it does become second nature and a simple, easy process.

  • 1: Put on your normal cycling socks first - no shoes at this stage
  • 2: Pull the shoe cover on like a sock
  • 3: Put your foot through the large cleat hole. Now put on your shoes
  • 4: Pull the VeloToze cover over the heel of your shoe FIRST, then the toe. Take care the first few times of putting them on as they can tear if snagged on a cleat or over stretched. If you are off the bike and walking around just unhook the cover from the toe of the shoe and roll it back to avoid scuffing and tearing on the toe end
  • 5: Adjust around ankle, cleats and heel pad. Ensure no part of shoe covers are over cleats or heel pad. Ensure the top of your shoe cover is against your skin and not over your cycling socks or water may enter the shoe cover.
  • 6: You're ready to roll